What’s CBD??

CBD is a powerful plant extract used for thousands of years for wellness.
CBD is a cannabinoid that is not to be confused with a plant used to produce marijuana, at least 113 are extracted from a proprietary strain of the hemp plant. Many leading doctors, scientific experts, and specialists believe that combining CBD in this specific hemp strain with other natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids may offer a range of measurable health benefits in the food or nutritional supplement industries.

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Why CBD Products


Quality Is Our Focus

Cultivated by the dynamic rural areas of America, our hemp includes essential sun-grown nutrients which only serve you well-being and health. Each drop is made with the highest quality CBD that nature has to offer: a third party laboratory tested, CO2 Removed, GMP certified and handmade with MCT Oil.

Taken all of this into account brings us joy in

| Delightfully delivering Zen to one soul at a time…

What People Think About Us?


Products are great I ordered a CBD Oil Dropper 1000mg and it helped me to ease my lower back and leg pain and the rest of my body as well.

Ah Lam

Products have had a very positive impact on my life. I am very careful with what kind of products I use on my body and for my health, great customer service and fast shipping.

Jennifer B

I really love the 1350mg Watermelon Gummies. They came into effect in about 5-10 minutes. I’ve been feeling amazing all day. Thank you for providing such wonderful products.

Andy F

I took CBD Oil Dropper 1,000MG for My Anxiety, and it really worked to overcome my Anxiety problem. I love the products of Delightful Zen.

Mary J